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Bankim Damani

Know the Vaastu of your House, Office, Factory or Shop. Get an expert opinion on the cosmic and spiritual vibration of the house, office or land. We make your Business Grow, with no/minor structural changes. Advice for joy, peace and prosperity. Expert advice that will change your life. Having experience of more than 21+ years and have client-based PAN India from corporates to famous personalities.

Bankim Damani, Vaastu Professional & Intuitive Astrologer,
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Client’s Testimony

Namaste, Before we consulted Bankim Damani Sir, Our father had so many health issues. We had a money crisis and had properties issues.

Each and every day we couldn’t find any solution. But after consulting Bankim sir our all properties issues have been solved easily.

Our father’s Health is also improved we are living a very happy life after making some changes in our home and office, we got a good result We were fully satisfied with Bankim sir’s suggestion.

We always recommend others also to take his great suggestions.

Thank You.

Kruti Mohit Rathod

Baankim Damani has guided me so many times in my life.

So once We had this house newly renovated, I was really confused about the directions and Vastu of the house.

But he gave me the exact Vastu of every corner and about where each and everything was to be placed properly.

I was soo intrigued by his opinion, And things felt so serene after the placement of things.

Vaishali Rathod

A few years back my husband and I consulted Bankim to help us improve our profit at work. We had enough work but the money used to just evaporate.

On visiting our factory gala he suggested the following changes:

(a) Bathroom should be in the northwest so we made the bathroom in the NW corner of the gala.

(b) the entrance to our gala was South facing (which was bad as per Vastu), so he asked us to change it to north-facing.

One other than these major changes he gave suggestions on where to place the safe, our seating position etc and yes soon we saw a difference in our profitability.

Thank you Bankim for your valuable input and for helping our company grow in terms of sales n profits.

Bijal Kalbag

He understood my concerns and gave me apt advice without making any structural changes within my house. When I say “apt”, I could see the immediate positive effect on my finances, my family and I got a new job during the peak of covid which itself felt like a miracle. Have been extremely thankful for his consultation when things were not running smoothly in my life!

The moment he entered our house, he was spot on with certain changes and insisted we do it immediately to witness the change. Like the placement of water(Matka), placing coins in a certain direction for cash inflow and many more. And it indeed, brought along a lot of peace in my house. With self-discipline and faith, my family and I followed all changes guided by him and we saw a great transformation in our lives.

His intuition backed by his knowledge on the subject of Vaastu and how he made it simple for people like us without spending huge monies on renovation, is all worth it!

Ms D Kotak

Bankim Damani has great knowledge about Vaastu shastra.

With minor changes and moving very few assets around the house, he ensured Vaastu in my house was in sync.

He helped me in rectifying the position of the mandir in my house.

The position of the toilet was incorrect in my house but Bankim recommended not to incur expensive renovation but minor changes to manage health and finances…. although minor, the changes have brought major positive effects in my life!

Rajesh Patel

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